ecology and choreography, archaeology and future utopia

The duet “And here we meet” delves into the topics of hidden geographies, abandoned cities and no man’s lands.

Together with the two dancers Dani Brown and Evangelia Randou and composer HAUSCHKA, Waierstall and her collaborators investigate the relationship between man/woman and the environment, ecology and choreography, archaeology and future utopia:

„100,000,000 years from now, you, a curious explorer, stumble upon this planet. Your sophisticated sensors pick up an interesting chemical profile: large amounts of water with temperatures moderate enough to keep most of it liquid and an atmosphere containing high amounts of oxygen; and most of the land is green. A strange place worth investigating. When you get a little bit closer you discover a planet teaming with life. The two legged creature / formally known as man / he’s moved on he’s died out / he’s gone, he ran.“ Alexandra Waierstall und Dani Brown „And here we meet“
With an acute sense of musicality and the body’s materiality, Alexandra Waierstall creates a convincing world where new relationships arise between presence and absence, language, movement and space. “And here we meet” carries sounds and movements from her group piece “A CITY SEEKING ITS BODIES” (2015) moving forward sculpting and reshaping thoughts and movements for her recent work “(T)here And After” (2016).

And here we meet

Premier: 28 + 29 May 2016,
tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, Germany
Duration: 40 min.
People on tour: 5

Choreography, concept, stage design: Alexandra Waierstall; Dance and collaboration: Dani Brown, Evangelia Randou; Text: Alexandra Waierstall, Dani Brown; Composition: Volker Bertelmann/ HAUSCHKA; Light and sound design: Ansgar Kluge; Management: Judith Jaeger

Production: Alexandra Waierstall; Coproduction: tanzhaus nrw; With support of: Dance House Lefkosia Zypern and Garage Performing Arts Centre Korfu

And here we meet


„Timeless beauty“
Michael S. Zerban,

“Are we doomed? That is the question which choreographer Alexandra Waierstall asks us to consider in her exquisitely beautiful, profoundly moving and deeply disturbing work.”
John Obrien,

„And here we meet is thus a vision of dystopia in which the naked human body serves as our archaeological guide to the present. In a metaphorical sense Waierstall has laid bare the current state of our environment but as the story proceeds, the simplicity of the body’s contours in the simplicity of the theatrical space raise it from the didactic to the poetic, from an apoplectic rant to an apocalyptic ode on the fate of mankind.“
Nicholas Minns & Caterina Albano,