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In a room. Reaching up yo touch the ceiling facing south.
Freeze. Back to standing, then reaching up again.
Heels. Two inches off the floor.
Land. Turning body. Facing north.
Temperature. Rising to forty degrees. Sweat.
Moving down, lying cool on the icy floor.
Little left finger. Traveling a distance of five centimeters
upwards. Elbow. Responding. Moving a distance of one
meter and back. Stand. Facing east.
The light in the room changes. Hearing it coming.
Wind. Creating movement. Standing still.
Sounding light a freight train getting closer. Roaring sound. Deafening.
All is shaking. Rumbling. Vibrating. The electricity goes off.
Silence. Still. Untouched. The door opens. All I see is blue sky.


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