National Chain 2020/Social Practices

Rita McBride, Alexandra Waierstall and Fontys Dance Academy / De Pont Museum, Tilburg

Practicing ways of being.

National Chain 2020/social practices is about practicing ways to connect and to build relationships. Exploring ways of owning space, making space, relating space, moving space, opening space. Practicing ways of connecting to self, to the other, to the National Chain, to Jan Dibbets window.

The National Chain becomes the boundary where we begin to feel ourselves, to discover and inquire a new place of being.

Rita McBride,
Alexandra Waierstall and Fontys Dance Academy

6, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22 + 29 April 2021
23 – 26 March 2021
De Pont Museum, Tilburg, NL

Choreography: Alexandra Waierstall; Team Alexandra Waierstall: Scott Jennings, Harry Koushos, Karolina Szymura; Dancers Fontys Dance Academy: Jolanda Bazzi, Katya Vershinina, Joana Pereira de Sà Carvalho, Dazza Schouten, Emma Versluys, Emma Hanekroot, Roberta Çekinskaitè, Lara de Ruyter, Myrthe Marchal, Henna Männikkö, Antti-Pekka Pudas

De Pont Museum, Tilburg
Photos: Rene van der Hulst, Danielle van Broekhoven

On National Chain 2020/ Social Practices


De Pont Museum presents National Chain 2020/Social Practices, a special project by the American artist Rita McBride, the German-Cypriot choreographer Alexandra Waierstall and students from Fontys Dance Academy.

National Chain 2020/Social Practices is an aluminum construction which is suspended in space and divides it into segments of equal size. On a daily basis National Chain 2020/Social Practices is activated by students from Fontys Dance Academy. The movements of the dancers are developed in workshops with choreographer Alexandra Waierstall, Scott Jennings, Harry Koushos and Karolina Szymura. The choreography takes shape completely online, via closed Zoom sessions among the dancers, choreographer and artists. A unique virtual creation and an extraordinary collaboration between international and local artists of different generations and disciplines.

Alexandra Waierstall I
Alexandra Waierstall II
Alexandra Waierstall III